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Post by Sagapo90 on 5th March 2014, 11:39

- FS Forum name: SagapoFs
- In-game name: Sagapo
- Level: 80
- Age: 17
- Country (together with time zone relative to GMT): Italy (GMT +1)
- Languages (Speak or write): Italian (speak and write), English.
- Preferred position: LB, RB, SW
- Mentality (defensive/offensive) and Style of play: Defensive, I can cross too... and when a Winger need a supporter i can go up (IF SW can cover me)
- What is Football Superstars gaming experience?: HEH... my first time was in 2011, i think, but i leave the game and i restart 1 year ago
- What do you think you can bring to our team?: i can bring a good mentality becouse if a player in my team fail or do something that's not good... i say everytimes "DW" or press "F9"
- Where did you find out about FC Nemean Lions? All know FCNL... It's impossible to don't know it Smile
- Do you have a mic? If not, are you willing to get one?: Yeah, i have mic and i can use Skype, Raidcall and Mumble
- When you are active to play?: From 14:00 to 19:00 and 20:00 to 21:00/22:00
- Read our Code of conduct . Do you agree with what you've read? Yes Smile i completly agree
- Also a little bit about why you decided you wanted to join us. Becouse i want to play in a pmc that it's not completely made only for win but there's players that they can lose.. and there's no too many people that can lose Smile AND i Want do go in a pmc with an Admin xD

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Nemean Water boy

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Re: Sagapo

Post by AdsGerk on 5th March 2014, 13:58

FC Nemean Lions staff are happy to give you a trial. Make sure you come on our IRC channel #fcnemeanlions whenever you're online, as it is our main form of communication. Also download Teamspeak 3 ASAP and ask someone for the details.

Good luck


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