Woopyoops New Application

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Woopyoops New Application

Post by Woopyoops on 30th April 2014, 11:08

- FS Forum name: Woopyoops
- In-game name: Woopyoops
- Level: 86
- Age: 18
- Country (together with time zone relative to GMT): England
- Languages (Speak or write): English
- Preferred position: Side back in 7s and 11s
- Mentality (defensive/offensive) and Style of play: Depend on the position, I mostly play very defensive and also checking the defenders players line. Even though, if the players are looking to pass to the players, I will try and be in a open position. I will also distract their players and see if I could trick them in any ways.
- What is Football Superstars gaming experience?: Football Superstars gaming experience is for people who like football and would like to spend more time on playing football while at home if they have got no one to play with. The game is for fun and people can get it away from the bored-less.
- What do you think you can bring to our team?: The player who can be quite active at the moment, but I can always be on IRC if you need me to play. For me to play this team, I can always do my best for the team and will challenge for the achievement.
- Where did you find out about FC Nemean Lions? Well I have played in this pmc in a past few month and I decided to apply again.
- Do you have a mic? If not, are you willing to get one?: I do have a mic, and yes I will be able to use it.
- When you are active to play?: I have finish the college, and I am most likely to be open everyday. I also have a long holiday, so no matter what if you need me to play.
- Read our Code of conduct . Do you agree with what you've read? Yes I agree.
- Also a little bit about why you decided you wanted to join us: I am currently looking for a new PMC that is most active. In the past few PMC I have played in was also unactive, So I decide to gave up.

Just wanted to say that thanks for reading my application. If you want to ask me any question, just post underneath the comments. Thanks
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Nemean Lion Super Sub

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Re: Woopyoops New Application

Post by Trickspeed on 30th April 2014, 13:49

FC Nemean Lions staff have decided to reject your application.

Good luck in your search.

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