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Coolkidddd (BLACKLISTED)

Post by coolkidddd on 8th April 2010, 17:52

FS Forum name: coolkidddd
- In-game name: coolkidddd
- Level: 11
- Age: 15
- Country (together with time zone relative to GMT): England
- Languages (Speak or write): speak and write in english and portuguese
- Preferred position: midfield (all sides) and (RW,LW,CF).
- Mentality (defensive/offensive) and Style of play: Offensive player, like to pass, and back to def when it need, good striker.
- What is Football Superstars gaming experience?: since the middle of Beta test.
- Are you a subscriber?: no
- What do you think you can bring to our team?: good passing and i will fight 2 win i belive in the team
- Where did you find out about FC Nemean Lions? in FS forum
- When you are active to play?:e- Read our Code of conduct . Do you agree with what you've read?yes
- Also a little bit about why you decided you wanted to join. i enjoy the gamea nd want a new experience joining a pmc.
Nemean Water boy

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Nemean Water boy
Nemean Water boy

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