Pillager (rejected)

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Pillager (rejected)

Post by Pillager on 12th June 2010, 18:16

Age: 18
Name in game: Elnaria Elemmire aka Pillager
Name in FS forums: Cheza
level: 17
Position you like play: cb, lb, rb, dmf
Also a little description or say what you want: Greetings one and all of FC Nemean Lions and its Acadamey ^^ My name is Andrea a football player...or soccer as we call it across the pond Razz for one of my local high schools. A pleasure to meet you all and be considered for your Acadamey. Lets see..what else can I put here. Oh I'm the cheerleader type always giving hugs and high fives on good plays and words of encourgement at other times. And last but not least of all..STRAWBERRY MILK IS THE BEST KIND OF MILK EVER

Nemean Water boy
Nemean Water boy

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Re: Pillager (rejected)

Post by Niko on 13th June 2010, 03:24

Thanks for your application if you come on our irc we will join you to the academy asap

(you are there now) Razz


I don't know why some ppl join to IRC and don't say hello...and leave and dont say bye....Why?? ....why?..........WHY??!!!!

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