Tip for PMC trial matchs and pmc matches

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Tip for PMC trial matchs and pmc matches Empty Tip for PMC trial matchs and pmc matches

Post by Niko on 15th October 2009, 07:50

This is a tip for anyone who wants to play his trial game or just play pmc matchs.

You have to be connected on the IRC channel as long as possible. Especially if you're online in the game.

If you connect to IRC, ask for play and then you leave, you don't play never. Furthermore if you do this several times the only thing that you gonna win is a rejection or we will remove you from the team.

We use the IRC to arrange matchs and meet us better. If you dont wanna be a part of the comunity please post it in your application and we will save time.

So stay in the IRC, talk with us, say hello and bye...at least.
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