Crossybot Application(removed)

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Crossybot Application(removed)

Post by Crossybot on 11th June 2010, 15:03

Age: 21
Name in game: Crossybot
Name in FS forums: Crossybot
level: 13
Position you like play: CM/ST

Also a little description or say what you want: Just starting to get into the game, happy to play anywhere but stats stacked in accuracy and speed, best suited to playing in one of the attacking positions

Available virtually every day in the evenings

Nemean Water boy
Nemean Water boy

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Re: Crossybot Application(removed)

Post by Ribeiro on 11th June 2010, 20:32

Thanks for your application if you come on our irc we'll get you added to the academy asap
good luck leveling

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